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About Us

About Groken Bioscience

GROKEN BIOSCIENCE LIMITED (GROKEN BIOSCIENCE) was founded in September 2014 and based in Hong Kong. With many years of experience in genomic science, GROKEN BIOSCIENCE is dedicated to improve the healthcare of mankind by utilizing genomics information.

In order to support dedicated efforts to deliver applications in different fields, GROKEN BIOSCIENCE has three main functional organization structures:

1. Groken Research Service

GROKEN BIOSCIENCE is the first Hong Kong based integrated genomic service provider to introduce the latest genomic research platforms into Hong Kong. Utilizing state of art Next Generation Sequencing platform such as Illumina HiSeq X, HiSeq2500/4000, NextSeq 500, Miseq and Third Generation Sequencing platform such as PacBio, we are dedicated to facilitate collaborative research and providing the highest quality sequencing service and customized bioinformatics analysis to academics, pharmaceuticals and clinical communities.

2. Groken Bioinformatics

We also focus on clinical diagnosis and big data analysis. With the increasing use of sequence based clinical diagnosis, GROKEN BIOSCIENCE delivers powerful solutions to genome interpretation and big data challenges. We provide the world’s only system with the demonstrated ability to enable analysis and management of massively large datasets composed of hundreds of thousands of human genomes. The results are represented in an easily comprehensive way to the clinical domain so that physicians and geneticists can diagnose diseases of unknown origin faster and more accurately by quickly identifying and confirming the causative genes and mutations.

3. Groken Healthcare

As of clinical diagnostic testing, we provide expanded carrier screening based on next generation sequencing and advance bioinformatics analysis. It is the most accurate, economic and safe method available to prevent giving birth to children with recessive genetic disorder. We also provide different kind of genetic tests  such as inherited cancer test, Fragile X carrier screening, etc.

Our laboratory in Hong Kong will act as a platform to develop advance technologies and transfer genomic science to quality products or services. The laboratory also serves as a hub for collaborative research, with our team of molecular biologists and bio-informaticians, we aim to collaborate and work with different researchers to advance genomic science.

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