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Promotion Reimbursement Claim

(優惠只適用于香港及澳門地區)(Promotion only available in Hong Kong and Macau)

只需要依據以下4個簡單的步驟, 您和您的介紹人都可以享受我們最新的期間優惠:


步驟1. 請您和您的介紹人保留於相同的診所/醫院購買的FamilyCODE福碼收據。

步驟 2.  當收到您的FamilyCODE福碼檢測報告後,請填寫從我們網站下載的“回贈優惠申請表格”。


步驟 3. 請將收據及填妥的回贈優惠申請表格傳真或電郵到我們公司。

傳真號碼: +852 3585 6699         電郵地址:


步驟4. 當我們收到您的申請及核實資料後,我們將向您提供的銀行帳戶回贈港幣$ 500。

(香港地區只限於: 滙豐銀行/中國銀行/恆生銀行)

(澳門地區只限於: 大西洋銀行/中國銀行)


“回贈優惠申請表格” 下載

There are 4 simple steps for you and your referrer to enjoy our limited time promotion:


Step 1. Both you and your referrer please remember to keep the receipts when you purchase FamilyCODE from the same clinic/hospital.


Step 2. After receiving your FamilyCODE testing report, please fill in the downloadable “Promotion Reimbursement Claim Form” from our website.


Step 3. Please attach your receipt with the filled “Promotion Reimbursement Claim Form” and fax to us: +852 3585 6699. OR email to us: .


Step 4. After receiving the application and verifying your information, we will reimburse the HKD$500 to your provided bank account.

(Hong Kong region only limited to: HSBC/Bank of China/Hang Seng)

(Macau region only limited to: BNU/Bank of China)

*Terms and Conditions applied

Download “Promotion Reimbursement Claim Form”
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